Beeda news site is now fully functional

Beeda news site is now fully functional!

the rest alright. the third thing you’ll want to do is compress your images compressing images makes your image file sizes smaller leading to faster load times . page speed is a google ranking signal there’s a free tool for compressing images called short pixel which has both a web interface as well as a wordpress plugin of beeda app .. the last thing. i highly recommend is to optimize for readability here are five simple but effective tips you can use to improve readability number one write in short sentences . short paragraphs because no one wants to land on a page with a huge wall of text two use descriptive subheadings so people who are skimming. the article can easily find. the things that are important to them 3. use a large enough font that’s easily readable on both desktop . mobile 4. avoid using big words it’s more important that people understand your content . 5. write as you speak your content will be more conversational . entertaining to read a free tool. i recommend using is called hemingway app it’ll give you some writing tips as well as a readability grade i’d recommend trying to keep things at or below a sixth grade level now there are other on-page optimizations you can do like adding open graph meta tags or og tags for short these will allow you to customize. the titles descriptions images . other information when your pages are shared on social media networks there’s also schema markup which is code that helps search engines understand your content . better represent it in. the search results for example these pages use. the recipe schema type so google is able to show things like. the recipe’s rating. the number of votes. the total time to make. the food as well as nutritional information if you have a wordpress site then you can add og tags in schema with plugins like rank math or yoast now again. the most important part of your content is that you’re striving to satisfy searcher intent yes. the technical things are important too but they’re more like. the icing on. the cake so here’s a full on-page seo checklist take a screenshot . let’s move on to. the next module which is on an seo strategy called link building hey it’s ammo . welcome to. the third module in our seo course for beginners throughout. the next five lessons we’ll be talking about arguably. the most important . most challenging seo strategy it’s called link building . to kick things off we’re going to talk about what it is why it’s important .. the mindset you’ll need to have to be successful at it let’s get started so what is link building by definition link building is. the process of getting other websites to link to a page on your website . these hyperlinks are called backlinks now while. the end result might make sense conceptually . seem simple. the part that most people don’t understand . can’t seem to get right is this. the process . this ultimately boils down to emailing complete strangers . asking them to link to you now let’s take a quick second to talk about how strange . kind of awkward this might sound so let’s go through a few scenarios . then we’ll revisit this definition of link building let’s say that you have a marketing blog . you write about seo . digital marketing now if some random person let’s call her sally sent you an email . said hey can you link to my post on facebook ads it’s really good would you link to her probably not in fact you probably wouldn’t even reply or click. the link in her email to actually check . see if her content is as good as she claims now let’s flip. the script a bit let’s say that you’ve been following ahrefs youtube channel . blog for some time you’ve implemented some of. the strategies we’ve shared . gotten some great results for your site on top of that you’ve been using our seo tools for three years now an email pops up in your inbox from me samo a name . face you might recognize because you’ve been following our channel . in that email i’ve asked you to link to our free backlink checker from your page that lists. the 15 best free seo tools would you link to me maybe now. the final scenario let’s say your mentor who helped you get started in digital marketing sends you an email . she asked you to link to a page on her site from a relevant page on yours would you link to her definitely she helped you get started in digital marketing you obviously trust . respect her . you’d be willing to bend over backwards for her. the point of these scenarios is to show you that. the process of link building is actually very relational . can sometimes take more time than you might like with sally you don’t know her you don’t owe her anything you don’t trust her she’s blindly coming in almost invading your inbox . asking you for a favor without offering any kind of value in return in. the second scenario when. i hypothetically emailed you you knew who. i was. i had indirectly helped you . you were a user of a product for years so while we may not have a real-life relationship we’re still connected in some way so. the chances of linking to me are probably higher than linking to sally now when your mentor asked you for a link there’s a real relationship there there’s a sense of trust respect . gratitude so of course you would link to her now while you can’t . shouldn’t try to become friends with everyone just to get links you’ll find that your best links will usually come from relationships that are sparked from email outreach so let’s redefine link building . set. the tone for. the rest of this module link building is. the process of building relationships with other relevant site owners who want . will link to your content because it enhances theirs so this definition isn’t just about you getting something it includes relationships relevance . a value exchange all things we’ll touch on later in this module now since effective link building is tough you need to understand why it’s worth. the effort in short backlinks are used by search engines like google to help rank web pages . it’s been this way since 1998 when google created page rank page rank is a mathematical formula that judges. the value of a page by looking at. the quantity . quality of other pages that link to it . google confirms. the importance of backlinks on their house search works page under their ranking useful pages heading they state if other prominent websites on. the subject link to. the page that’s a good sign that. the information is of high quality we also found a clear correlation between organic traffic . backlinks from unique websites in our study of over 1 billion web pages so while getting backlinks may be harder than let’s say creating a blog post they’re absolutely critical if you want to rank for competitive phrases . competitive phrases are usually. the ones that will drive. the most traffic . revenue for your business now we briefly touched on. the main way of getting backlinks but not all links can or will be obtained through outreach so in. the next lesson we’ll talk about three methods to get backlinks as well as. the level of difficulty . effectiveness hey it’s ammo . welcome to. the second lesson in our link building module in this lesson we’ll talk about three link building strategies to get backlinks now before we get started it’s important to set. the expectations right for this lesson . talk about. the difference between a strategy . a tactic to me strategies are higher level in. the sense that it outlines. the scope of. the plans whereas tactics are more micro . often focused around smaller steps so. the strategy sets you in. the right direction .. the tactics kind of define how you get there . we’ll get into a few link building tactics later on in this module alright so when it comes to link building there are three main strategies to get backlinks you can create them buy them or earn them let’s talk about what each method looks like their level of difficulty . effectiveness. the first method is to create backlinks creating backlinks means to manually add links on one domain back to yours this can be done by adding your website to directories leaving comments on blog posts or adding your website’s url to your social media profile anyone can do this with minimal effort so like almost all easy things in life they’re generally not that effective from an seo . ranking perspective now buying backlinks is exactly as it sounds you pay webmasters or authors a fee . in return they’ll link back to a page on your site now this is against google’s webmaster guidelines . can potentially result in a penalty that might be anything from losing ranking positions or even worse getting your pages removed from google search index also buying links isn’t exactly cheap we contacted 250 websites to ask if they sell links . we found that. the average cost of buying one was nearly 353 dollars . of course we didn’t buy any in terms of level of ease if you have. the money it’s super easy to do because it’s just. the transaction now in terms of. the effectiveness. i would think that they’re highly effective unless or until you get caught . in my opinion. the risk isn’t worth. the reward especially if you want to build a business that’ll stand. the test of time. the final way to get backlinks is to earn them . there are three common ways you can do this. the first . most common are links that are earned through email outreach this is when you email other website owners . editors . ask them to link to you another way to earn backlinks is by becoming a source for an online publication or media outlet for example if a journalist references you in an article they’ll often link to you . or your social media profiles .. the final way is to earn backlinks organically for example if someone visits your page from a link on social media organic search word of mouth or wherever . decides to link to you then that’s an earned link now even though 100 organic links may sound like. the best way to get them. i don’t want you to bank on that these kinds of links are typically less consistent unless you’re an extremely well-known brand with extremely well-crafted content . you’re already getting significant exposure it takes time to build a reputation that’s well trusted . for those organic links to come in on a regular basis . if you’re just hoping . waiting you’ll likely fall behind because your competitors will actually be busy building links by reaching out to other website owners generally speaking. the harder it is to obtain a link. the more valuable it’ll be . for that reason we’ll be focusing on streamlined tactics so that you can build a steady stream of backlinks to your page . get more traffic from seo now not all links are created equal some will propel your pages to. the top of google while others can actually hurt your site so what makes. the link actually good that’s what we’ll be talking about in. the next lesson hey it’s samo .